Say Goodbye to Dry: Dream Ingredients for Dry Hair

Dry hair is one of the most common hair woes there is, but no less is also one of the most frustrating. It lacks moisture, appears dull, and is prone to frizz and breakage—none of which are particular fun things to have to deal with. However, armed with the right haircare ingredients—along with some at-home […]

5 of the Best Curl-Loving Shampoo and Conditioner Ingredients

Anyone with hair that has curls and/or coils will already know that their hair has its own unique set of needs. Certain shampoos, conditioners and styling products work better than others on these hair types, and there’s often a highly practised routine for curls and coils to look and feel their best. Due to its […]

Where to Buy MONDAY Haircare Near You

Seen MONDAY Haircare on Instagram or TikTok and want to try our products for yourself? Here’s where to find our Shampoo and Conditioner in a store near you! Where is MONDAY Haircare available? MONDAY is currently available in over 30 countries, including Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic/Czechia, Denmark, England (UK), Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, […]

The Beauty Awards on Our Top Shelf

In a little over three years since we first launched in March 2020 (remember that?), MONDAY has added our fair share of shiny beauty awards to our top shelf. Now available in over 30 countries with more than 70 of the world’s biggest retailers, we’re proud to be making luxury haircare more accessible. Here’s some […]

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